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Katana Sword

To find the best Japanese katana swords, simply visit our store and choose from our wide selection of hand-forged katana swords.

At KatanaEmpire, we’re passionate about Japanese culture, whether modern or traditional, and that’s why we offer authentic Japanese swords and genuine anime replica swords.

If you love the ancestral Japanese art, wish to own a genuine collector’s item exhibited on a superb stand, or share the precepts of bushido, the samurai’s code of honor, then a handmade katana sword is the worthy representative of all its values.

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Buy a Katana Sword

There are many reasons to acquire an authentic Japanese sword, and whatever the reason, at KatanaEmpire we’ve got the right sword for you.

If you’re passionate about Japanese culture and history, you might consider buying a samurai sword to give your home a thousand years of history.

Katana swords can also be used as equipment if you’re a martial arts enthusiast. A bokken is a good example, since it’s a wooden katana, ideal for aikido practice, for example.

Or simply because you’re interested in the art of katana swords. From its traditional, codified manufacture to the bushido values it embodies.

We offer hand-forged katana swords from as little as $150. With our many different styles of sword, there’s bound for a katana to suit you.

Authentic Samurai Katana Swords


KatanaEmpire is an online store selling exclusively Japanese katana swords.

Hand-forged Katana Sword


The mastery of our swordsmiths guarantees you the highest quality Japanese katana swords. We supervise every stage, from forging to shipping.

Katana Sword Materials


Our swordsmiths carefully select the finest materials to craft our katana swords. From the steel of the blade to the ropes on the wrists, nothing is left to chance.

Authentic Katana Sword


Whether it’s a samurai or anime sword, we respect the authentic design of traditional katana swords.

Characteristics and Different Katana Swords

What makes a true katana is undoubtedly its traditional manufacturing process, its highly codified use, the bushido values it embodies and the details of its construction.

Hand-forged, it’s made of several layers of high-grade steel, folded one on top of the other to increase strength and hardness, yet with a very supple core. But what characterizes it most is its bend, which is due to the tempering the blade undergoes once forged. Tempering gives the katana its strength and shape. This is the age-old legacy of the swordsmiths from the feudal era.

Samurai Katana Sword

The katana sword was exclusively reserved for samurais. They respected the seven virtues of bushido, the warrior’s code of honor (loyalty, honor, courage, justice, politeness, kindness and truth). These are the values that samurai convey through their swords.

The Japanese sword is a masterpiece in itself. It is composed of multiple elements that are essential to its identity. The blade’s length is called nagasa; its emblematic bend, sori; the tip of the katana sword is called kissaki; the striations formed by the multiple layers of steel, yasurime; the engraving at the blade’s base, horimono; and finally, the tempering line is called hamon.

The vast majority of traditional Japanese swords feature a curved blade, a beautifully sculpted guard and a tsukaito-covered wrist for optimum handling. Other details include the presence of the forbidden family emblem in the braiding of the handle. Colors can also be important. For example, the absence of a guard means that the sword has no master yet.

Emergence of the Katana Sword

The real katana we all know appeared during the Edo period, from 1603 to 1868. Before that, the more curved tachi ruled the Land of the Rising Sun. The shape of the katana therefore comes from this ancestor.

It was mainly used as a weapon by samurai who, in addition to the katana, were equipped with a wakizashi, a smaller sword. The combination of these two swords is called the daishô and represents the traditional pair of emblematic swords worn by samurai on their belts.

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Katana Sword


This was the second sword used by samurai. It has the same characteristics as a katana sword, except that the blade is smaller, between 30 and 60 cm.
Unlike the katana sword, the wakizashi was not reserved for samurais; merchants were also allowed to carry one.

It was ideal for use in confined spaces, unlike the katana sword, which was a handicap due to its length.
It’s also perfect if you don’t have much room to exhibit your swords. Its small size is bound to find a place on a small piece of wall.


Japanese Tanto

Japanese Tanto

The other smallest samurai sword is the Japanese tanto. Less than 30 cm long, it has the same shape as the katana, but with less bend. It was only worn by samurai or their wives, who concealed it under their clothes.

This one’s even better if you have no room in your home for a daishô stand.


It’s the perfect weapon for blade-based Japanese martial arts training. Examples include aikido, kendo, traditional jiu jutsu, ninjutsu and kenjutsu.

The bokken is a Nipponese wooden sword originally created to allow samurai to train safely and easily. It is then used in martial arts schools for the same reasons today.




It is the direct ancestor of the sharp katana sword as we know it. The tachi is a jokoto, the name given to the sabers and swords used before the Heian era and up to the 13th century.

Its blade is 70 cm long and more curved than a katana. Its handle, too, was curved, leading to a different way of carrying and handling it.

Mini Katana

These are simply miniature versions of the anime swords. They are an exact replica of the anime swords. The color, blade, scabbard and details are impressive in their minutiae and quality.

You can decorate your desk with mini katanas or even hang them on your key-ring for certain models.

Mini Katana



If samurai had the katana sword, ninjas (or shinobi) had the ninjato sword.

The main visual difference is the straight katana blade and its small size. However, unlike samurai, ninjas didn’t regard their weapons as spiritual objects, but rather as simple tools to help them accomplish their missions.

Cheap Katana Swords from £150

Here at KatanaEmpire, we believe in the democratization of high-quality swords at an affordable price. With this in mind, we offer perfectly-finished 1045 steel sharp katana swords for the very reasonable price of $150.

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Offer a Katana Sword

If you’d like to offer a gift to a friend or family member who is captivated by Japanese culture, then an authentic Japanese katana sword is sure to delight him or her. Because it’s not just a replica you’re offering, it’s a piece of Japanese history, a testimony to over 600 years of craftsmanship.

Over the past 30 years, Japanese culture has been gaining ground against American culture. This is reflected by the presence of manga and anime, as well as Asian culture in general. The values of honor, courage and loyalty conveyed by this culture appeal to a broad spectrum of people.

It’s also a precious masterpiece that will prove your affection for the person you’re offering it to.

Steel Katana Sword
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Decorative Katana

Are you fascinated by Japan, its culture, history and landscapes? Are you thinking about buying a sharpened or not sharpened katana sword to decorate your home? There are many ways to show off your Japanese katana sword without clashing with your current interior decor.

If you’re fascinated by samurai and what they symbolize, then a wooden stand on which you can place your two swords could be a great centerpiece on a piece of furniture in your living room. This is how they used to store their swords.

However, if you have less space, then you can opt for a wall mount to hang your katana sword.
The traditional Japanese patterns on the scabbard, such as cherry blossoms or even a dragon, and the color of the whole, give a decorative style to the katana and immediately turn your Japanese katana sword replica into a collector’s item.

There are four types of steel with which katana swords blades are made.
The lowest grade is stainless steel, which is mainly used for dull swords.

Conversely, for slightly sharp blades, decorative katanas or cosplay, 1060 carbon steel is used.

Then, for decorative blades and kenjutsu practise, the art of samurai swordsmanship, T10 steel is preferable.

Finally, one of the rarest and most strictly regulated steels is tamahagane, which offers incomparable strength and sharpness, thanks to its high carbon content. However, its manufacture is a very long and complex process that few swordsmiths have mastered.

To preserve your katana swords over time, we recommend the use of a maintenance kit to preserve its blade. Indeed, a blade, even in its scabbard, can wear, blacken and even rust.

For this, a thin layer of oil is applied using an applicator. But your blade can also move, so it’s important to place two pieces of bamboo to keep it straight in its scabbard once placed on a stand.

We offer complete maintenance kits to keep your sword in perfect condition for as long as possible.

The price of a Japanese katana sword can vary in many ways. It can depend on the materials used. With steel of varying quality, which may or may not give you a sharp katana. Materials such as plastic, used in the manufacture of swords for youngsters, bring the price down.

The forging work done on it can greatly influence the price. The opposite applies to plastic, which requires no forging.

The details on a Japanese sword are also important. The scabbard may be richly decorated and hand-painted, the blade may or may not be engraved, and the guard may be carved.

This is why the price of a katana sword can range from £50 for a plastic model, to over £15,000 for a real samurai katana sword.

It’s legal to own a katana in the United Kingdom, but there are a few rules and regulations.

The katana is considered as a weapon, so it is legal for an adult to own one.
No declaration is required when purchasing a Japanese sword.

However, it goes without saying that certain rules of use must apply, subject to common sense. For example, when displaying a katana in public, its use must be responsible and not entrusted to just anyone, as it remains a sharp weapon. Handling it therefore requires certain basic precautions.

In the United Kingdom and Europe, to buy a steel katana sword considered a bladed weapon, you need to be over 18.

The katana sword, a symbolic Japanese sword descended from the Tachi. It first appeared around 1400 and was developed and perfected by Japanese swordsmiths over the centuries, mainly during the samurai period.

The weight of a real katana generally varies between 1 and 1.5 kilograms, although this can vary according to the style and preferences of the smith.

The main difference between a saber sword and a katana sword lies in their cultural origins and designs. The saber sword is generally associated with Western traditions, while the katana sword is an iconic Japanese sword, characterized by its curved blade and its use by samurai.

The curve of a katana sword blade is called “sori“. It is formed during tempering, when the still-hot blade is immersed in a huge vat of water to harden it. This helps to improve cutting efficiency by allowing better penetration and release of the blade during movement, while offering optimal weight distribution for enhanced maneuverability.

The standard size of a real katana generally varies between 60 and 80 centimeters for the blade, with an overall length of around 100 to 110 centimeters, although variations exist according to forging schools and individual preferences.

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