Zoro Wadō Ichimonji Sword


Admire this full-size replica of the iconic Wadō Ichimonji sword. This katana, inherited from his deceased friend, Kuina, embodies the heroism and fearlessness of Roronoa Zoro the ex-pirate hunter turned second-in-command of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Hand-forged with passion by our swordsmiths, every detail of this weapon has been meticulously recreated to capture the essence of the original.

This genuine replica is a treasure trove for any fan of this iconic manga.

  • Hand-finished
  • Ultra-Resistant Steel
  • Full size
  • Respect the manga/anime design
  • Free shipping
Zoro Wadō Ichimonji Sword
Zoro Wadō Ichimonji Sword £170.00
Katana Stand
1 × Katana Stand
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This katana is a perfect replica of Roronoa Zoro’s emblematic sword that he holds in his mouth, the Wado Ichimonji, as it appears in the One Piece manga and its anime. Zoro’s sword in One Piece carries with it his determination to become the best swordsman in the world, as promised to his deceased friend.

Wadō Ichimonji sword specifications

  • Hand-forged by our master swordsmiths.
  • 1045 carbon steel blade, sharpened or not sharpened at choice.
  • Saya (鞘): white wooden scabbard, coated with a premium natural lacquer for a glossy, long-lasting finish.
  • Tsuka (柄): handle wrapped in black PU samegawa and white rope for a comfortable grip.
  • Tsuka-ITO (柄糸): braided rope above the handle, traditional diamond-shaped pattern.
  • Tsuba (鍔): round shape in gilded alloy.
  • Habaki (鎺): brass, ensuring a smooth transition between blade and handle.


  • Blade length: 72 cm
  • Overall length including handle: 103 cm
  • Length with scabbard: 105 cm
  • Handle length: 26 cm
  • Blade thickness: 0.75 cm
  • Blade width: 3 cm
  • Weight: 1.11 kg
  • Package weight: 2 kg


  • Katana stand: Not Included
  • Scabbard: Included

Wadō Ichimonji: Wield a legendary sword!

Don’t wait any longer to own this exceptional replica of the Wadō Ichimonji katana sword.

Imagine yourself wielding this legendary blade, feeling its power and precision in your hands, just as the courageous Zoro did during his heroic battles. Think back to his exploits, where this katana shone in epic battles against formidable foes like Doflamingo!

With this sword, you can relive the thrilling moments when Zoro sliced through enemy ranks, repelled deadly attacks and brought down gigantic monsters. Imagine yourself using the legendary techniques of “Santoryu”, “Oni Giri” and “Tatsumaki”, establishing your own legend as a fearless swordsman.

Design and finishes

Our Wadō Ichimonji features a 1045 carbon steel blade, silvered and black, polished to perfection it is shiny. Its round gold alloy guard is elegant. The handle is wrapped in PU black samegawa. The woven Tsuka-ITO above the handle is black with a diamond pattern. The carefully lacquered white wooden scabbard contrasts elegantly with the silver blade. Precise degrees of inclination have been respected, guaranteeing the authenticity of its shape. The symbiosis of these elements creates a katana sword faithful to the original in both size and impeccable finish.

The Wadō Ichimonji sword in the One Piece manga universe

Origin of the “Wadō Ichimonji” katana sword in the One Piece anime

The Wadō Ichimonji is a sword of major importance in the One Piece manga universe. It once belonged to Roronoa Zoro’s childhood friend Kuina, and was the claim to fame of her family. This sword is classified among the 21 Ô Wazamono, a very exclusive group of katanas of exceptional quality. It was forged by Shimotsuki Kozaburo, a renowned master swordsmith, and has become one of Zoro’s signature weapons.

History and role of the katana sword in the series

The Wadō Ichimonji sword is more than just a piece of steel to Zoro. It represents the heritage of Kuina and her family. After Kuina’s death, Zoro obtained the sword from his master Kôshirô, and since then, it has become one of the extensions of his own body. Zoro always places it in his mouth, a gesture of defiance and confidence in his own skill.

Forging and blade quality

Forged by Shimotsuki Kozaburo, the Wadō Ichimonji is ranked among the thirty-two best katanas in the world, comprising eleven Saijo Ô Wazamono and twenty-one Ô Wazamono. Not only is this blade magnificent, with its pure white handle and circular guard, it is also extremely powerful and resistant. It is the only blade to have withstood the mighty assault of Dracule Mihawk, the world’s greatest fencer, demonstrating its exceptional quality.

Katana sword and owner abilities

In the capable hands of Zoro, Luffy’s second-in-command and future King of the Pirates, the Wadō Ichimonji becomes a powerful weapon. Its sharp, durable blade enables it to fend off the strongest enemies. Zoro, the sword’s current owner, is determined to become the most powerful swordsman in the world. He uses the Wado Ichimonji sword to defeat monsters and powerful enemies, or to cut ships in half, showing the extent of his exceptional abilities.

Previous and current owners of the Wado Ichimonji sword

Before it belonged to Zoro, the Wadō Ichimonji was in the hands of Kuina, Zoro’s childhood friend, to whom he promised to become the world’s greatest swordsman. After Kuina’s death, Zoro received the sword from his master Kôshirô, who understood the importance of this exceptional blade for his pupil. The sword is currently Zoro’s possession, but it has also attracted the interest of Tashigi, a Navy vice-admiral, who believes that such a precious weapon should not be held by a pirate.

Additional information

Blade Material: No selection

Guard (Tsuba 鍔): No selection

Round shape in gold alloy

Handle (Tsuka 柄): No selection

PU Black Samegawa

Tsuka-ITO (柄糸): No selection

Braided white rope with diamond-shaped pattern

Habaki (鎺): No selection


Scabbard (Saya 鞘): No selection

White lacquered wood

Blade length (cm): No selection


Overall length including handle (cm): No selection


Length with scabbard (cm): No selection


Handle length (cm): No selection


Blade thickness (cm): No selection


Blade width (cm): No selection


Weight (kg): No selection


Package weight (kg): No selection



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