Steel Katana

Discover our range of stunning steel katana replicas inspired by your favorite anime swords to decorate your living room or bedroom, practice your cutting skills or accessorize your cosplays. For collectors, we also have traditional hand-forged steel katana, inspired by the authentic Japanese katana.

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Showing 1–12 of 48 results

Different types of steel Katana Swords

Steel katana swords have been part of Japanese tradition and culture for centuries. They were one of the many blades used by the samurai. Today, steel katanas are forged from a variety of steels, giving them unique properties.

Steel such as Maru steel and composite steel are often used in the manufacture of swords. Damascus steel is often used for the laminated effect it produces on the blade. Finally, tamahagane steel is one of the most expensive, due to its naturally high carbon content.

Here at KatanaEmpire, we offer both traditional-style steel katana swords and steel anime sword replicas. Discover a Zoro steel katana and a wide range of One Piece steel katana swords. If you prefer Tanjiro and his Demon Slayer steel katana, our replicas are true to the original.

For your decoration or cosplay parades, our dull steel katana swords are forged by our teams and carefully decorated. We also offer low-cost steel katana swords of premium quality.

You can also find a complete range of other swords in our store, such as a Japanese tanto, a cutting ninjato or a Japanese Wakizashi to complete your Daisho.

Steel Katana: Everything you need to know

Whether sharp or dull, the steel katana is still a bladed weapon, and it’s important to be aware of a few rules concerning its possession and use.

Steel katana rules and regulations

In the United Kingdom and Europe, it is legal for adults to purchase a steel katana. However, travel with this weapon must be restricted. It is mandatory to present an identity card when in possession of a katana sword, and the latter must be in its scabbard and in a well-sealed case to restrict access.

Steel Katana usage guidelines

Steel katana swords generally have a sharp blade, with which caution should be exercised. Never entrust such a blade to a minor or an untrustworthy person. If you’re decorating your home with a sharpened decorative steel katana, it’s important to place it high up and on its stand, so that younger children can’t easily reach it.