Muichiro Sword


Discover our full-size replica of Muichiro Tokito’s famous sword, the Pillar of Mist, as it appeared in the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. This exact replica will let you relive the most exciting moments in the adventures of Muichiro and his sun sword, such as his battle against the 5th Gyokko moon.

  • Hand-finished
  • Ultra-Resistant Steel
  • Full size
  • Free shipping
  • Respect the manga/anime design
Muichiro Tokito Katana
Muichiro Sword £185.00
Katana Stand
1 × Katana Stand
Yellow Silk Bag
1 × Silk bag
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Muichiro Sword specifications

  • Hand-forged by our master swordsmiths.
  • Full tang blade in 1045 steel, sharpened on demand.
  • Saya (鞘): black lacquered wood scabbard with gilded end.
  • Tsuka (柄): PU Blue Samegawa.
  • Tsuka-ITO (柄糸): black braided leather and gold fuchi.
  • Tsuba (鍔): square shape, gilded color, with 4 small hollow squares in the corners, in gilded brass.
  • Habaki (鎺): brass.


  • Blade length: 72 cm
  • Overall length including handle: 105 cm
  • Length with scabbard: 108 cm
  • Handle length: 30 cm
  • Blade thickness: 0.7 cm
  • Blade width: 3.2 cm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Package weight: 2 kg


  • Katana stand: Not included
  • Scabbard: Included

Muichiro Tokito Sword: design and finishes

Muichiro Tokito’s sword replica features a 1045 full tang steel blade for optimum strength and durability. The Saya is made of black lacquered wood, with a gilded tip. The Tsuka in PU blue samegawa, combined with the black braided leather Tsuka-ITO and gilded fuchi, offers a striking contrast. The guard (Tsuba), square-shaped and gilded, features four small hollow squares in the corners, beautifully crafted in gilded brass. The brass Habaki completes the picture, ensuring a smooth transition between blade and handle.

Muichiro Tokito in Demon Slayer

Muichiro Tokito is a fair-skinned young man with long black hair that fades to pale turquoise. He uses the Mist Breathing, which gives him exceptional strength, speed and agility. He masters seven different moves, the last of which is a personal technique called “Fog” that disorients his enemies by radically changing the tempo of his movements. Muichiro fought alone and defeated Gyokko, the Fifth Superior Moon of the Twelve Demonic Moons.

Muichiro is one of the 3 most beloved characters by series fans, and a genius in his own right, having become a mainstay just 2 months after obtaining his first Demon Slayer Sword.

Whether you’re a passionate collector or a cosplay enthusiast, this exact replica of Muichiro sword will take you straight to the Demon Slayer universe, where you can relive the anime’s most thrilling moments alongside this valiant demon slayer.

Additional information

Blade Material: No selection

Guard (Tsuba 鍔): No selection

brass, square, gilded, with 4 small hollow squares in the corners

Handle (Tsuka 柄): No selection

Wood and PU Blue Samegawa

Tsuka-ITO (柄糸): No selection

Black leather braid with diamond pattern

Habaki (鎺): No selection


Scabbard (Saya 鞘): No selection

Black lacquered hardwood

Blade length (cm): No selection


Overall length including handle (cm): No selection


Length with scabbard (cm): No selection


Handle length (cm): No selection


Blade thickness (cm): No selection


Blade width (cm): No selection


Weight (kg): No selection


Package weight (kg): No selection



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