Sharp Katana

Our sharp katana swords are collectibles that can be used as decorative items or for martial arts practice, such as iaido, kenjutsu and battodo. Discover our wide range of sharp steel katana swords for decoration or cutting!

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Showing 1–12 of 48 results

Steel and forging a sharp steel katana sword

To forge a sharp katana sword, traditional Japanese swordsmiths use a very specific technique. To obtain the signature curve of the Japanese sword, part of the blade is coated with clay to slow the cooling process and give the sharp katana sword its unique shape. Today, these techniques are still used, but the materials used have changed to take account of the properties of certain steels.

Sharp katana swords made of stainless carbon steels are very strong and more resistant to rust. They are often made from two types of steel: 1045 steel, which gives the blade flexibility, and 1060 or 1095 steel, which provides the hardness needed for a razor-sharp katana sword.

Damascus steel is an alloy composed of several layers of different steels that have been bent one on top of the other. The result is a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing blade with a laminated pattern.

Sharp anime swords: True-to-life replicas of your favorite manga katana swords

Here at KatanaEmpire, it’s all this know-how that our master swordsmiths put into the creation of our swords. Discover our extensive range of sharp anime swords and samurai swords and decorate your interior. On a cabinet, a desk or on a wall bracket, exhibit your sharp Demon Slayer sword and honor Tanjiro and his crewmates, or offer yourself the sharp Zoro’s Enma sword among our sharp One Piece swords!

To avoid endangering people around you, you need to be careful when handling your sword. Make sure your sharp steel katana is out of the reach of the younger ones, and away from untrustworthy people.

How much does a sharp katana sword cost?

On KatanaEmpire you can find a cheap sharp metal katana from as little as $150! The type of steel and the forge are two variables that greatly affect the price, but we offer very affordable sharp swords for enthusiasts!

How to take care of a sharp katana?

Although sharp katana swords can be classified by price, one thing is certain: even an entry-level katana sword requires regular maintenance and cleaning. For this, you’ll need a katana sword cleaning kit to keep your swords looking sharp for much longer.

As a basic rule, you should apply a coat of oil to your sharp katana sword after each use, to protect the blade steel from rust and keep it supple.

The storage of your sharp katana sword is also essential. Avoid placing your steel katana on its stand without its scabbard. Sunlight can accelerate corrosion and reduce flexibility. Ideally, your katana should be stored in a cool, dry place. These are the best conditions for storing your Japanese sword. A cheap sharp katana sword deserves as much care as a top-of-the-range one if you intend to keep it for many years.

To avoid endangering those around you, you must be careful when handling your sword. Keep your sharp katana out of the reach of the younger generation, and away from untrustworthy people.

The same care applies to other Japanese swords, such as the sharp Wakizashi, Japanese Tanto or Ninjato.