Japanese Tanto Blade

Among all Japanese swords, there is one that stands out for its size: the tanto. This small Japanese sword, made of T10 steel, is extremely sturdy and easy to handle. Check out our selection of sharp and dull Japanese tanto and complete your collection.

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Showing all 3 results

All about the traditional Japanese Tanto

The tanto is a small Japanese sword measuring no more than 30 cm. Its single-edged blade can be slightly curved or straight, depending on the model. Like the samurai’s katana sword, it is worn mainly by warriors, but also by their wives.

The size and lightness of the ancient Japanese tanto made it a formidable weapon, most often placed under the obi (kimono belt) or underneath the kimono for greater discretion.

It was used in confined spaces and was most often worn on a daily basis to cover all eventualities. But its best-known use was for the practice of Seppuku, better known in the West as Hara-Kiri. This fatal ritual was reserved for the samurai and aristocracy of feudal Japan.

The different types of Japanese Tanto

There are several types of traditional Japanese tanto, with different shapes and uses. Here at KatanaEmpire, we offer you a wide range of different types of small Japanese swords.

Hira-Zukuri Tanto

The special property of the hira-zukuri tanto is its flat blade, which can be straight or curved. It is inspired by the shape of the tachi, the ancestor of the katana.

Kaiken Tanto

The kaiken is a smaller-than-average handmade Japanese tanto. This gives it greater discretion.

Yoroi Toshi Tanto

With its heavier weight than standard tantos and thicker blade, the yoroi toshi is a piercing weapon, perfect for stabbing.

Kiriha-Zukuri Tanto

The kiriha-zukuri tanto also has a flat or triangular blade, but this one is more often curved. The blade has an edge to facilitate cutting.