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Join the Straw Hat Pirates and go in search of Gold D. Roger’s treasure with our One Piece steel swords replicas. Our Anime Swords are hand-forged from high-grade steel to last you as long as possible on your adventures.

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Showing all 6 results

Discover our Best One Piece Sword Replicas

Thanks to our swordsmiths, we can offer you the finest quality One Piece sword replicas based on ancestral know-how.

Our collection includes Zoro’s swords from One Piece, the ex-pirate hunter, as well as many other characters from the anime, such as Oden’s sword or Trafalgar Law’s Kikoku sword.

Discover our wide selection of One Piece katana swords, both sharp and sharpenable. These should be handled with great care and not left in the hands of just anyone.

If you’re unfamiliar with this style of katana sword, we have alternatives in the form of dull steel decorative katana swords to decorate your home.

For children or cosplayers, take a look at our plastic One Piece swords.
Finally, if you practice martial arts such as aikido or kenjutsu, a wooden One Piece sword will be perfect to complete your equipment.

One Piece Katana Swords

Nowadays, who doesn’t know the One Piece manga and anime, where we follow the pirate crew organized around Luffy, a spirited young boy who wants to become the pirate king and find Gold D Roger’s treasure, the One Piece!

To do this, Monkey D. Luffy surrounds himself with a whole team of diverse talents, including the famous swordsman Roronoa Zoro.

The 100-plus-volume manga features a huge variety of characters and worlds, including pirates and samurai. The result is a huge choice of katana and sword, all more or less iconic.

Types of One Piece Swords

In the One Piece universe, the most powerful swords, the Meito, are classified into three categories:

  • Saijo Ô Wazamono, which are grouped into 12 “Supreme Grade Blades“. They are considered the most powerful swords in the world. These include Ace’s katana sword, Whitebeard’s Murakumogiri spear and Mihawk’s famous Kokuto Yoru sword.
  • Ô Wazamono, the 21 “Great Grade Blades“. These include Zoro’s three swords, Wadô Ichimonji, Shusui and Enma. But also, Luffy’s sword, the Nidai Kitetsu.
  • Ryo Wazamono, which consists of the 50 “Skillful Grade Blades“. In fact, there are now 49, as Zoro’s Yubashiri has been destroyed. One of Zoro’s three swords, the Sandai Kitetsu, is also on this list.
  • Cursed Blades is a class of its own that includes swords of any Meito class reputed to kill their owner. The most famous are Luffy’s Nidai Kitetsu and Zoro’s Sandai, mentioned above, as well as Trafalgar Law’s Kikoku One Piece Sword. Most of them were forged by Kozuki Sukiyaki from the Land of Wa.

Who has a katana in One Piece?

Here’s a list of the most famous Meito and their owners in One Piece.

Saijo Ô Wazamono

  • Dracule Mihawk’s Yoru.
  • Ace (Gold D.Roger sword).
  • Edward Newgate’s Murakumogiri (which isn’t really a sword but a spear).

Ô Wazamono

  • Zoro with his Wadô Ichimonji, Shusui and Enma.
  • The Nidai Kitetsu used by Luffy once.
  • Kozuki Momonosuke with his Ame No Habakiri from Oden.

Ryo Wazamono

  • Tashigi with his Yamaoroshi.
  • Shigure and Kashu.
  • Zoro with Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri.
  • Shiki with Oto (right) and Kogashi (left) instead of legs.
  • Shiliew with his Raiu.
  • Cavendish with his Durandal (which is more of a sword, foil).
  • Charlotte Amande with her Shirauo.
  • Charlotte Cracker with her Bretzel.
  • Konpira with her Gion.

Other blades

  • Trafalgar Law’s Kikoku, a cursed blade.
  • Brook’s Soul Solid, a cane sword.
  • Shanks’ Griffon.
  • Fujitora’s Shikomizue, a wooden cane concealing a sword.

Not to mention all the samurai from the land of the Wa: Kinemon, Kikunojo, Kawamatsu and Denjiro Kyoshiro, whose sword name and class are unknown, as well as Oden’s sword in One Piece.

What is Luffy’s sword?

The Nidai Kitetsu is a sword briefly used by Luffy in the One Piece anime/manga. This weapon has an atypical appearance: its guard is shaped like a cross, with the ends wider than the center, and the blade has a unique wavelet pattern. Luffy is not the owner of the sword.