Sasuke Kusanagi Sword


Immerse yourself in the epic universe of Naruto with our full-size steel replica of Sasuke Uchiwa’s Kusanagi legendary katana sword, taken directly from the original anime. Hand-forged with exceptional attention to detail by our master swordsmiths, this sharp katana embodies the quintessence of ninja art. Called the Kusanagi Sword, this artifact played a crucial role in Sasuke’s most memorable battles. Its importance in the manga and anime makes it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Sasuke Kusanagi Sword
Sasuke Kusanagi Sword £170.00
Katana Stand
1 × Katana Stand
Yellow Silk Bag
1 × Silk bag
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This katana sword is a genuine replica of Sasuke’s sword from the Naruto anime and manga.

Sasuke’s sword specifications

  • Hand-forged by our master swordsmiths.
  • 1045 steel blade, sharpened or not sharpened at choice.
  • Saya (鞘): black wood.
  • Tsuka (柄): black wood.
  • Tsuba (鍔): no guard.
  • Habaki (鎺): gilded brass.


  • Blade length: 72cm
  • Handle length: 30 cm
  • Length with scabbard: 105 cm
  • Blade thickness: 0.7 cm
  • Blade width: 3.2 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg


  • Katana stand: Not Included
  • Scabbard: Included

Complete your collection with our authentic Sasuke’s Kusanagi sword replica

Put yourself in the shoes of a Shinobi with our genuine replica of the Kusanagi sword, Sasuke Uchiwa’s legendary katana sword from the Naruto anime. Imagine yourself mastering the same powerful techniques as Sasuke, such as Lightning Chakra and Raiton, slicing through obstacles with precision and skill. Whether you’re an avid collector or a die-hard Naruto fan, our stunning replica captures all the authentic details of Kusanagi.

With this replica, imagine yourself facing powerful enemies in Sasuke’s epic battles against Akatsuki members and other protagonists. Feel the power of Sasuke’s sword in your hands.

Sasuke’s Katana Sword: Design and finishes

The Sasuke’s Kusanagi katana sword is characterized by its elegant minimalism. It features a dark silver blade made of 1045 steel. It has no guard, highlighting its sleek profile. The brass and golden habaki enhances the aesthetics of the blade. The black tsuka, matching the black wood of the scabbard, is adorned with a discreet pattern symbolizing Sasuke’s clan. The handle has no fabric tsuka ito. The combination of the deep black wood, the chic gold of the habaki and the silver of the blade gives this katana sword an understated elegance, making it a genuine replica of the original model.

Origin of Sasuke’s Katana: “Kusanagi Sword” in the Naruto manga

Sasuke’s Katana, also known as the Kusanagi Sword, first appeared in chapter 306 of the Naruto manga and in episode 51 of the Naruto Shippûden anime. Known in Japan as “Kusanagi no Tsurugi” (草薙の剣), this katana is literally translated as “Grass-Mowing Sword”. The name refers to a legendary sword from Japanese culture called the Kusanagi sword in Japan, as famous as excalibur.

History and role of the Kusanagi sword in the series

The Kusanagi sword is Sasuke Uchiwa‘s personal chokutô throughout Part II of the series. Unlike the similar sword wielded by Orochimaru, Sasuke’s Kusanagi Sword does not possess natural attributes such as blade extension or the ability to cut through almost anything. However, it is extremely durable and capable of cutting through a variety of materials.

Sasuke has the ability to increase the power of his sword by channeling his lightning chakra into the blade, causing high-frequency vibrations. This enables him to cut through almost anything and numb the target pierced by the lightning blade. The Kusanagi sword is a key element in Sasuke’s battles, offering an extended cutting range and great destructive power.

During his confrontation with Madara, the sword is lost on the battlefield and its scabbard falls into the lava of the Kaguya dimension. After the war, Sasuke changes his sword.

Kusanagi Katana Sword: Owner and Exploits

Throughout the series, the Kusanagi sword remains primarily in the hands of Sasuke Uchiwa. He uses the sword strategically in several key battles, demonstrating his skill with this powerful artifact. For a short time during the Fourth Great Shinobi War, the sword is also briefly used by Itachi Uchiwa when he is reincarnated, as he cooperates with his brother Sasuke to fight Kabuto Yakushi.

Sasuke Uchiwa is the current owner of the Kusanagi sword, his katana sword in Naruto. Thanks to this fearsome weapon, Sasuke has managed to defeat several formidable foes over the course of the series. Notable feats include his confrontation with Madara Uchiwa, in which he uses the sword to inflict mortal wounds on his opponent. This confrontation highlights the power and versatility of the Kusanagi sword, which proves to be an essential asset for Sasuke in his fight against the most powerful enemies.

Additional information

Blade Material: No selection

Guard (Tsuba 鍔): No selection


Handle (Tsuka 柄): No selection

Black lacquered wood

Tsuka-ITO (柄糸): No selection


Habaki (鎺): No selection


Scabbard (Saya 鞘): No selection

Black lacquered hardwood

Blade length (cm): No selection


Overall length including handle (cm): No selection


Length with scabbard (cm): No selection


Handle length (cm): No selection


Blade thickness (cm): No selection


Blade width (cm): No selection


Weight (kg): No selection


Package weight (kg): No selection



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