Naruto Swords

For Cosplay, collection or cutting at KatanaEmpire, our swordsmiths carefully select the highest quality materials to bring you strikingly realistic steel, wood and plastic Naruto swords.

Discover all our anime swords replicas, such as Sasuke’s sword, the red ninjato of Omo茂 in stainless steel with a stand to decorate your cabinet, Kakashi’s chokut么 in sharpened or not sharpened version, and other must-have swords from the anime.

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Our Naruto Swords Replicas

Surround yourself with all your friends and go on an adventure to protect the village of Konoha with our Naruto swords, or live a solitary story with Sasuke’s katana.

The diversity of our materials is ideal for the use you will make of our katana sword. They’re so finely detailed that they’ll fit in perfectly with your cosplays, whether you choose plastic or unsharpened steel. Enhance your Asian interior with our stunning 1045 steel swords, practice your cutting skills with our razor-sharp blades, or take part in your kenjutsu or aikido training with our wooden replicas.

Naruto Katana Swords

The story of the Naruto manga takes place in a ninja world. Naruto Uzumaki, along with his friends Sakura, Sasuke and their teacher, Kakashi, carry out missions to protect their village. Through its adventures, the Naruto manga shares sincere values such as friendship, courage and perseverance.

Like true Japanese ninjas, our heroes use a wide variety of weapons. These include katana swords, chokut么s and ninjatos, both straight versions of the katana. But there are also numerous throwing weapons, such as the emblematic kunais and shurikens.

Naruto’s iconic swords

There are dozens of different weapons in the Naruto anime universe, and to list them all would be infinitely long. That’s why at KatanaEmpire, we’ve chosen for you the most iconic weapons from this best-selling manga.

  • Sasuke’s Kusanagi: a legendary sword in the land of the Rising Sun, on a par with Durandal in France and Excalibur in Arthurian legend. Sasuke Uchiha uses his chokut么 to circulate his chakra and provoke devastating attacks. We offer it in white or black to match your interior design.
  • Zabuza’s Kubikiribocho: this is the largest blade and is similar to an executioner’s sword, hence its name in Japanese. The special feature of this sword in the manga is that it can regenerate itself thanks to the iron contained in the blood of its victims. We can’t keep this promise, so we’re offering it in stainless steel, so it can adorn your walls for as long as possible.
  • Kakashi’s chokut么: in his youth, Kakashi, the master of Team 7, was part of Konoha’s secret forces known as the Anbu. During this period, he used this weapon to carry out the missions entrusted to him. Find it in dull steel for your cosplays of the famous copyist ninja.

Coming soon to our catalog is the tanto Hakko Chakura from Croc Blanc, Kakashi’s father, as well as the Omo茂 red sword from the hidden village in the land of lightning.

Who has a katana in Naruto?

The characters in the Naruto anime fight mainly using ninja techniques, or jutsu, which don’t require weapons. However, a handful of ninjas are always carrying their katana swords:

  • Sasuke Uchiha and Kusanagi
  • Zabuza Momochi and Kubikiribocho
  • Itachi Uchiha and Totsuka
  • Orochimaru and another Kusanagi
  • Omo茂 and his red katana sword

How is Sasuke’s katana called?

Sasuke’s katana sword is called Kusanagi No Tsurugi, or grass-cutting sword.

How is Zabuza’s sword called?

Zabuza Momochi’s huge sword is called Kubikiribocho, which translates as the executioner’s sword.

How is Itachi Uchiha’s sword called?

Sasuke’s brother summons his sword Totsuka through his Susan么.