Kanao Sword


Superb reproduction of Kanao’s Sword from the Demon Slayer anime, with its reddish-pink blade and flowery guard, reminiscent of the Flower Breathing. This Kanao Tsuyuri sword, adopted sister of Shinobu Kocho and Kanae, is made of 1045 steel and is sharpened on demand. Perfect for cosplay or cutting practice.

  • Hand-finished
  • Ultra-Resistant Steel
  • Full size
  • Free shipping
  • Respect the manga/anime design
Kanao Sword
Kanao Sword £185.00
Katana Stand
1 × Katana Stand
Yellow Silk Bag
1 × Silk bag
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Kanao Sword specifications

  • Hand-forged by our master swordsmiths.
  • Red and silver-colored blade, full tang (the tang of the blade extends the full length of the handle) in 1045 steel, sharpened on demand. Blade engraving meaning “Guide”.
  • Saya (鞘): black lacquered wooden scabbard with silver tip.
  • Tsuka (柄): PU Red Samegawa.
  • Tsuka-ITO (柄糸): white woven fabric and gold fuchi.
  • Tsuba (鍔): rounded shape in red and silver with small silver flowers.
  • Habaki (鎺): brass.


  • Blade length: 72 cm
  • Overall length including handle: 105 cm
  • Length with scabbard: 108 cm
  • Handle length: 30 cm
  • Blade thickness: 0.7 cm
  • Blade width: 3.2 cm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Package weight: 2 kg


  • Katana stand: Not included
  • Scabbard: Included

What is engraved on Kanao’s sword?

On Kanao Tsuyuri’s sword in “Demon Slayer” (“Kimetsu no Yaiba” in Japanese) is written “Tayori,” which means “Guide” or “Advisor” in Japanese. This word reflects Kanao’s role as a disciple of Shinobu Kocho and his desire to follow his teachings and advice.

Kanao Katana: design and finishes

Kanao’s katana impresses with its full tang, red and silver 1045 steel blade, perfectly sharpened on demand to guarantee precise cuts. The blade is engraved with “Guide” in Japanese. The red synthetic stingray leather handle, combined with the white woven Tsuka-ITO and gold fuchi, offers a comfortable grip. The rounded red and silver guard with its small silver floral motifs is topped by a brass Habaki harmoniously echoing the color of the fuchi. A black lacquered wooden scabbard with a silver tip completes the set.

Who is Kanao in Demon Slayer?

Kanao has a dark past, having been sold into slavery as a child before being ransomed by Shinobu Kocho, the pillar of the insect, to be trained as a demon slayer. Kanao thus became the adopted sister of the Kocho sisters (meaning butterflies in Japanese) of Ex-Pillar of the Flower Kanae and Pillar of the Insect Shinobu.

Kanao has undergone rigorous training and developed remarkable fighting skills. She is known for her extreme calm and concentration. Over the course of the story, Kanao develops close ties with the other demon-slayers, particularly Tanjiro Kamado, the main character.

Kanao becomes a Demon Slayer, wearing a reddish-pink sword to match her Flower Breathing. She is a master of Flower Breathing, a style she learned from observing Kanae Kocho. Her techniques include defensive and offensive moves such as Plum Spirit and Futile Peony.

She possesses superhuman physical skills, exceptional strength and speed, as well as sharp vision that enables her to predict her opponents’ movements.

Physically, Kanao has large, lilac-pink eyes framed by thick lashes and black hair tied back with a butterfly ornament. She wears the Slayers uniform with a knee-length pleated skirt and a white cape. After her battle with Doma, she adopts Shinobu’s hairpin and loses sight in her right eye using an advanced technique.

Additional information

Blade Material: No selection

Guard (Tsuba 鍔): No selection

Rounded red and silver with silver flowers

Handle (Tsuka 柄): No selection

Wood and PU Red Samegawa

Tsuka-ITO (柄糸): No selection

White diamond braid

Habaki (鎺): No selection


Scabbard (Saya 鞘): No selection

Black lacquered hardwood

Blade length (cm): No selection


Overall length including handle (cm): No selection


Length with scabbard (cm): No selection


Handle length (cm): No selection


Blade thickness (cm): No selection


Blade width (cm): No selection


Weight (kg): No selection


Package weight (kg): No selection



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