Mini Katana

Explore our extensive range of mini katana in various sizes, perfect replicas of your favorite anime and manga heroes’ swords! You’ll find Enma mini katana, Rengoku mini katana and Zoro’s mini katana for each of these swords.

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Showing all 4 results

Our Mini Katanas

Mini katana are a great alternative to larger decorative katana swords, as they measure between 10 and 20 cm in most cases, or 40 cm for miniature katanas which are similar to tantos.

We’ve picked out some ob the best mini katanas inspired by your favorite video games, anime and manga. The Japanese mini katana is more a decorative accessory than a piece of martial arts equipment. You can wear them on a bag or anywhere else you want to show your passion for Japan and its anime.

Their small size in no way detracts from their high quality craftsmanship, detail and sturdiness. The anime mini katana swords are not sharp, as a sharp blade could be a danger to the youngest among us.

Ideal for hanging on your key ring or exhibiting on a small corner of your desk. There are several types of mini katana with different uses.

Keyring Mini Katana

Keyrings mini katanas measuring less than 10 centimeters are most often sourced from the world of your favourite manga. Buy a One Piece mini katana and attach it to your backpack, or a Demon Slayer mini katana to hang on your keys and so many others to collect.

40 cm Mini Katana

These 40 cm swords are perfect for decorating your desk without taking up too much space compared to a real one-meter katana sword. They can also be a great gift idea for the little ones, as long as you opt for a dull version or, ideally, one made of wood or plastic. Most often inspired by manga and anime, such as Demon Slayer, Bleach and Naruto, their small size facilitates play and imagination for the youngest.

Japanese Tanto

The Japanese Tanto is one of the swords carried by the samurai. It’s a small Japanese sword that’s smaller than a wakizashi and more like a dagger than a sword. If you want to complete your Japanese sword set, the tanto is the last blade you’ll need. Forged in the same tradition as the katana, KatanaEmpire tantos can be sharp or blunt.