Decorative Katana

Decorate your interior with our range of high-end decorative Japanese swords.

These decorative katana swords are not sharp and are primarily intended to be exhibited in order to embellish and sublimate your home with this heritage of traditional Japan and the samurai.

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Showing 1–12 of 48 results

How to choose your Decorative Katana Sword?

We offer a wide range of decorative Katana, both sharp and dull. We also offer movie and anime sword replicas, as well as traditional katana swords with dragon patterns, for example.

Whether you’re an anime or movie enthusiast, you’ll find the Kill Bill sword, Michonne’s katana from Walking Dead, Zoro’s swords from One Piece, Ichigo’s sword from Bleach or Demon Slayer swords like Tanjiro Kamado’s Sun Blade from Demon Slayer.

Adorn your living room, bedroom, study or dining room with a stunning dull steel katana sword.

In addition to the classic Samurai sword with a 60 to 80 cm blade, we also offer small decorative or functional katanas such as the Wakizashi and Japanese Tanto.

Cheap decorative katana swords

Among our bargain-priced decorative katana swords, there are inexpensive, sharpenable steel katana swords in 1045 steel that can be used for cutting, but purely decorative swords that are neither dull nor sharpenable are made of a manganese-steel alloy, which makes the blade unsharpenable. This alloy also makes it possible to cut costs and offer cheaper decorative swords that are perfectly suited to their primary purpose: aesthetics.

To practice a martial art or train, browse our site for the most suitable katana swords. For a cosplay party or themed parade, we highly recommend a plastic or wooden katana!

Decorative katana sword: The Art of Detail

Our decorative katana swords are finely hand-crafted to offer an extraordinary level of detail. The Tsuka Ito is hand-woven and the saya is made of lacquered wood and can be fitted with a Sageo. Finally, the hamon and blade can be engraved on request.

Enhance your decorative katana with a stand

Browse our katana stands section to find the right wall-mounted, vertical katana holder or the perfect exhibition stand to decorate your home or apartment.