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Our history

Welcome to KatanaEmpire, the culmination of a passion that has matured over the years, driven by Eric, the founder of our store.

It all began in 2012, when Eric first set foot on Japanese ground during a business trip. At the time, Asia was an unknown territory for him, but Japan was about to become much more than just a business destination. Fascinated by a rich and distinct culture, Eric plunged headlong into the Japanese universe.

His love for Japan grew stronger and stronger with each trip. By discovering Studios Ghibli, devouring manga, and losing himself in peaceful Japanese gardens, Eric immersed himself in the magic of this country. However, it was during his second trip, in the Spring 2015, that a crucial decision was made.

As he gazed at the cherry blossoms, Eric realized that his heart was beating to the Japanese rhythm. A professional position was opening up for him, but it was much more than a career opportunity. It was the call of a new life, imbued with the Japanese spirit.

Eric took the bold decision to stay in Japan. For seven years, he immersed himself completely in the culture, learning the traditions, befriending the locals and feeding off the very essence of the land of the rising sun. But his story doesn’t end there.

In 2022, Eric made an even bolder decision. Driven by his passion and eager to share his love for Japanese culture with the world, he decided to quit his job and launched KatanaEmpire.

KatanaEmpire isn’t just a katana swords store, it’s a journey through the history and pride of Japan. Every katana you find here tells a story, carries the heritage of the samurai and embodies the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship.

We are proud to present our carefully selected collection of katana swords, silent witnesses to a bygone era but ever present to remind us of the past’s greatness. Browse our site and let yourself be transported into the enchanting world of Japan, through the sharp blades and exquisite designs of our katana swords.

Much more than just a business, KatanaEmpire is the expression of a deep passion, a love for Japan that transcends borders. Join us on this journey, and may each blade remind you of the rich history and indomitable spirit of the land of the rising sun.

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