Buy a sharpened or not sharpened ninjato from our KatanaEmpire collection and become a true shinobi. The ninja’s favorite weapon has been democratized in recent years thanks to video games and Japanese manga. Decorate your living room with our stunning steel ninjatos or accessorize your cosplays.

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Ninjato properties: the ninja sword

The ninjato is the Japanese sword used by ninjas. It is very different from the samurai katana sword in many ways.

The ninjato measures between 50 and 60 cm and has a straight blade.

The guard of a ninjato is square and has no distinctive engraving. This same guard could be used as a stepping-stone to overcome obstacles.

The most ingenious aspect of the ninjato is its scabbard (saya), which has multiple uses. The tip of the saya is pointed, which served ninjas in many ways. They could listen in on what was going on behind a wall, and the point could hide remedies for wounds or, on the contrary, poison.

The scabbard could also be used as a snorkel to cross lakes undetected. But most surprisingly, by placing the scabbard on the tip of the blade, ninjas could use it as a radar in the dark and move forward at a snail’s pace. Finally, the hilt (tsuka) was and ninjas could hide many objects in it.

Modern ninjatos add a blowpipe and darts to the scabbard to enhance this stealth effect.

Ninjato vs. Katana

There are several differences between a ninjato sword and a katana sword. Beyond the straight blade of a sharp-edged ninjato, the latter was more intended for stabbing and thrusting.

Another difference was the esteem and respect in which a ninjato was held compared to a katana. For ninjas, the ninjato was seen as one of their tools. It has no engraving, its guard is not carved, and it is often stolen on the battlefield by the ninjas themselves.

Is Ninjato legal?

In the United Kingdom and Europe, purchasing a ninjato is reserved for adults and is authorized under certain conditions.

Considered as a weapon, carrying a ninjato requires you to store it in its sheath and holster, so that it cannot be easily removed. You’ll need to show proof of identity when you buy your ninjato, and when you travel with it to a convention, for example.

Sale to minors is strictly forbidden, as is the exhibition of such a weapon in public places.