Dull Katana

Our dull katana swords are hand-forged by our master artisans. Their quality is exactly the same as our sharpened katana swords, and they’re just as detailed. Accessorize your cosplays or decorate your home with a wide range of unsharpened steel katana swords.

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Showing 1–12 of 48 results

Dull katana swords replicas

Here at KatanaEmpire, you can buy an authentic katana sword but also a dull katana sword replica from your favorite manga and anime universe. Get your cosplays to the next level with a Demon Slayer dull katana sword and help Tanjiro on his quest to save his sister. Or join the Straw Hat Pirates with a One Piece dull katana sword, and become Luffy’s sidekick.

As well as being decorative, dull katana swords can be used in some sports that require a sword to practice and train.

Using a dull katana sword

Cosplay katana sword

Dull steel katana swords are ideal for a variety of uses. They’re particularly popular for cosplay and costume, as the steel they’re made of takes the realism of your cosplay costume to a whole new level.

Dull decorative katana sword

The unsharpened decorative katana sword is also highly recommended if you wish to place it on a wall mount or a beautiful presentation stand on a cabinet or your desk.

Unlike sharp katana swords, which can be risky for the youngest or in the hands of people not used to handling them, blunt katana sword greatly reduce the risk of injury and accidents.

Last but not least, they can be excellent equipment for practicing Japanese martial arts, including the use of a sword, such as iaido, which is the art of drawing a sword. For the latter, you can also turn to a wooden training katana.

Cheap Dull Katana Sword

Here at KatanaEmpire, we strive to find you the best katana swords at the cheapest prices. That’s why we’ve put together a range of inexpensive, top-quality katana swords at around £100.