Wooden Katana

With KatanaEmpire, find the wooden katana you really need for your martial arts practice, to accessorize your cosplays, as a gift for your child or to decorate your home interior.

Made from the finest materials, our wooden katanas will last for generations. We pay particular attention to the details of our anime replicas, to ensure that our wooden manga katana swords are as realistic as possible.

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The different wooden katanas

There are several types of wooden katana for different uses.

Children’s wooden katanas for cosplay

If you’re into cosplay, an anime wooden katana like a Demon Slayer wooden katana can be a great alternative, as it will be lighter than a real steel katana sword and require less maintenance.

If you want to decorate your room with the sword of your favorite manga or anime hero, you can also consider Zoro’s wooden katana from One Piece.

Wooden training katana

If you practice a Japanese martial art like kendo, a shinai will be most useful for your equipment. Wooden weapons such as bokuto or wooden tanto will also be very useful for the vast majority of this kind of sporting practice.

Bokken and Bokuto

The term bokken refers to all wooden swords, which is why here we’ll refer to wooden katana as bokuto.

Here at KatanaEmpire, we offer you a range of stunning wooden training katana with scabbard for your aikido practice. You’ll find them in a variety of woods, including bamboo, red oak and beech.

Our bokutos are also available in different sizes and shapes to best suit your age and level of practice.

Wooden katana replicas

Among the bokutos we offer, discover our wide range of manga and anime wooden katanas.

Youngsters can relive the adventures of their favorite manga and anime characters with our One Piece, Naruto or Bleach wooden katanas. Children’s wooden swords can also be used as room decorations.

Wooden katanas can also be used as cosplay accessories. Their advantages are multiple: they’re lighter, less expensive and require very little maintenance, since there’s no risk of oxidation, unlike steel katana sword replicas.


The wooden tanto is mainly used for aikido, self defense-sport, kajukenbo, but also for Kaiken-Jutsu, the art of knife fighting.

Our wooden tantos offer the highest quality and durability to ensure that your training runs smoothly.

They can also be used for cosplays or to complete a decorative daishô on a cabinet.


The shinai is the traditional wooden katana sword used for kendo. Its distinctive feature is that it is composed of four bamboo blades held together by leather strips, making it extremely flexible and resistant to blows.

The jô is similar to the bokuto, except that it is cylindrical and, unlike the bokuto, resembles a long stick. It can also be larger than a wooden training katana.
The jô is mainly used to practice aikido, jo-jutsu and jōdō. Its main purpose is to avoid injuring the opponent during katas.

What uses are there for wooden swords?

Wooden training katanas are mainly used for Japanese martial arts such as aikido, kenjutsu and kendo. They prevent serious injury and add realism to the sport practice.

Wooden katana replicas are also ideal for children, cosplays and even decoration.

However, a wooden sword can still be dangerous, as the tip and hardness of the wood can do serious damage in unsuspecting hands. Handle with care.