The Walking Dead Michonne’s Katana



Get ready to survive the zombie apocalypse with this sublime replica of Michonne’s Katana sword from The Walking Dead. With its tribal-patterned T10 steel blade, Celtic triqueter guard and leather-covered wooden scabbard, it’s easy to carry on your back thanks to the dedicated lanyard.

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  • Ultra-Resistant Steel
  • Full size
  • Respect the series design
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The Walking Dead Michonne's Katana
The Walking Dead Michonne's Katana £240.00 £200.00
Katana Stand
1 × Katana Stand
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1 × Silk bag
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Michonne’s Katana specifications

  • Hand-forged by our master swordsmiths.
  • Sharp, forged T10 steel blade with engraved tribal motif.
  • Saya (鞘): wooden scabbard covered with brown leather and white braiding, with leather strap for carrying on the back.
  • Sageo (下げ緒): imitation leather covering, white and brown.
  • Tsuka (柄): brown wooden handle.
  • Tsuka-ITO (柄糸): white braiding above the handle.
  • Menuki: gilded brass.
  • Tsuba (鍔): silver-plated, steel, Celtic style with triqueter.
  • Habaki (鎺): gilded brass.


  • Blade length: 69 cm
  • Overall length including handle: 102 cm
  • Length with scabbard: 103.5 cm
  • Handle length: 31.5 cm
  • Blade thickness: 0.7 cm
  • Blade width: 3.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Package weight: 2 kg


  • Katana stand: Not included
  • Scabbard: Included

Experience the adventures of Michonne from The Walking Dead with her full-size Katana!

Michonne’s mythical Katana, world-famous thanks to the The Walking Dead series, has a dark history. The sharp blade split the air for the first time when she had to face her loved ones transformed into the undead, a harrowing but necessary ordeal. Indeed, it saved Michonne from her zombie-turned-boyfriend Mike and her best friend Terry. In the book, she finds the katana at a neighbor’s house when she goes to pick up supplies. She keeps it by instinct, using it for the first time to defend herself against her loved ones who have turned into zombies. Terry and Mike are then chained to Michonne, enabling her to go incognito among the zombie hordes.

Michonne’s Katana, an emblematic symbol of her courage, becomes the heroine’s signature weapon. Indeed, it is armed with her Katana that she is introduced in season two, when she rescues Andrea from a prowler.

Michonne’s Katana is much more than a weapon; it embodies her resilience to survive in a world in perdition.

The Walking Dead Michonne’s Katana : design and finishes

Michonne’s Katana, faithfully handcrafted by our master swordsmiths, is an exceptional piece of craftsmanship. Its razor-sharp T10 forged steel blade features an engraved tribal motif and a Bohi. The Saya, with its wooden scabbard covered in brown leather and white braiding, features a leather strap for elegant back-carrying.

The Tsuka, with its brown wooden handle, is adorned with white Tsuka-ITO braiding above the handle, providing a secure grip. The silver guard (Tsuba) of Michonne’s Celtic-style katana is adorned with a triqueter, an artistic representation evoking the trinity. The gilded Menuki and gilded brass Habaki add refined aesthetic touches. Weighing 1.5 kg, the katana is both handy and powerful.

Additional information

Blade Material: No selection

Guard (Tsuba 鍔): No selection

Celtic triqueter

Handle (Tsuka 柄): No selection

Wood and PU Black Samegawa

Tsuka-ITO (柄糸): No selection

White diamond pattern braid

Habaki (鎺): No selection


Scabbard (Saya 鞘): No selection

Hardwood covered with imitation leather and white braid. Shoulder strap

Blade length (cm): No selection


Overall length including handle (cm): No selection


Length with scabbard (cm): No selection


Handle length (cm): No selection


Blade thickness (cm): No selection


Blade width (cm): No selection


Weight (kg): No selection


Package weight (kg): No selection



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