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How to clean a katana?

To preserve the quality and sharpness of your katana sword, wakizashi or tanto, we recommend that you regularly maintain it. Here are a few essential steps to properly maintain and care your katana blade.

How to maintain your katana sword?

Instant cleaning

After each use, we strongly recommend cleaning the blade to limit corrosion (rust will not appear on stainless steel). Use a soft, clean cloth to gently wipe the blade, taking care to remove all traces of dirt, oil or sweat. Choose a lint-free cloth to avoid damaging the blade. A cotton or silk cloth is often recommended. You can then use a damp cloth to remove dust and finally dry your blade with a clean towel.

Using sword oil

Regularly apply a thin layer of sword oil to the blade to prevent corrosion. The oil also helps maintain the blade’s edge, keeping it sharper for longer. In katana sword maintenance kits, a tool is supplied to apply and distribute the oil evenly over the blade, otherwise a cloth will do.

Proper storage

Store your katana sword in an appropriate scabbard. Make sure the scabbard is clean and dry before storing the blade. Avoid humid environments and extreme temperature variations. If you want to expose it, avoid putting it in direct sunlight. Both the colors and the blade may degrade quicker in this case.

Additional tips from the KatanaEmpire team:

  • Avoid touching the blade with bare fingers. Handle the katana using the tsuka (handle) and saya (scabbard). Acids in sweat can cause corrosion.
  • Check the blade regularly for signs of corrosion, stains or damage. If you notice any problems, please let us know.
  • Sharpening: When the cutting edge begins to dull, call in a professional to sharpen it. Do not attempt to sharpen the katana yourself if you do not have the necessary experience, as this could damage the blade.
  • Avoid shocks: Avoid impacts with hard objects that could chip or damage the blade.

With a little care and regular maintenance, your katana blade will stay sharp and shiny for years to come!

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